Certified Counsellor

As people are increasingly enmeshed in the lifestyle accruing from the modern age, the psychological consequences and behavior became more complex. Here is the relevance of guidance and counselling for the all age groups. The goal of counselling is to help individuals to overcome many of their future problems. A trained counsellor can give guidance on personal or psychological problems. This course equipped the students to become a professional counsellor at various areas like schools, hospitals and other institutions which seeks a trained counsellor.

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3 Months
Doctors/Psychologist/ Social Workers
  • Paper I - Introduction to Counselling
  • Paper II - Counselling Application
  • Paper III - Practical’s, Record, Viva

Individual Counselling sessions including case history taking, rapport building , counselling process, applications of counselling. Each student submits 10 counselling cases and follow ups as project report.