Marriage : Marital problems

‘’Men are from mars and women are from venus” This quote emphasize and reveals the fact that men and women are entirely different in all aspects. When two diverse people decides to make an interpersonal bond to live together with the social permission to fulfill their biological, social and psychological needs , there the concept of family forms. It is an intimate bond in which two people shares their love, affection, equalities, responsibilities etc. The major functions of a family is the husband and wife relationship, nurturing of offspring , Development of trust , love and commitment and relationships.

Every marriage is different. So, problems of the couples also varies . Even though, we can list out some of the common problems that are relevant among couples.

   1)   Personality

Personality of each individual is unique and it develops over a period of time, in each phases of life. ( eg childhood , adolescence etc.) . The basic drives of id, ego and super ego are formed during these periods. An efficient person can develop a good and strong Ego which can deal with reality and can manage the needs of id and super ego.

 In a marital situation, when two persons with different personalities connects together and make a family, The personality differences and the faculty cognitive interactions may lead to certain marital discord.

  2)   Men and women psychology

When it comes up with the psychological aspects, both men and women possess entirely different ideologies. For men, marital concerns lies on commitment, support, care , respect, reproducing offspring’s etc. whereas women greatly lies upon emotional aspect. They expect more care, concern, emotional support in a more expressive way from their partners rather than physical needs. So when husband is not much expressive about love and care while wife aspects are contradictory, it leads to conflicts and some emotional problems or rejections in marital life.

  3)   Economic factors

Financial security is an inevitable factor when involving into a marriage perspective. Without a proper financial plan it is difficult to lead a good marital life. The life expanses varies greatly when it comes to family settings than a bachelor life. It is very important to think about the future and always develop a foresight about the unexpected expenses.

 4)   In-laws Itching

Each individual is grown up in different scenarios which is different from others. So, Cultural differences adjustment problems and emotional issues leads to this type of acheing. Pre- marital counseling with families also can reduce the intensity of this problem.

  5)   Irritating habits of a spouse

Both of them are developed and used to different habits in their life . Some habits are seems to be irritable for other person. These are common issues in a marital life but it becomes problematic when it links with Lack of Proper communication and discussion. Effective communication with respect can resolve this kind of problem.

 6)   Picking up old issues

it is a common practice seen in most conflicts between couples . They use to refer the past negative issues during fights. This is a type of escapism from the conflict and also used as a tool for gaining dominancy during fights. Even these issues are referred in time of conflict, it may intensely hurt the other person and it lies as a scar in the future relationship. Ignorance and timeout is the best solution to resolve this issue.

 7)   Sexual / Bed room problems

 Couples usually have a fair expectations about love and sex life. Those expectations are influence by many external factors. So, when it comes to reality, it varies, and it may rarely fulfill the expectations. So it is important to maintain mature ideas about sex life and to avoid conflicts in marital life. The best remedy for these kinds of issue is the proper communication with each other.it the issues are out of control and If they cannot deal with those problems , it is necessary to seek help from professional definitely consult psychologist.

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