Stress Management

Stress has become one of the most common word used by the people nowadays. This term is even familiar among children. People use phrases like “I am under the stress”, “ I am stressed etc. in their daily life. This reveals the importance and the need of study about stress in this present scenario. There are lots of sources that influence stress .The most important one among is the negative experiences and events in life. Financial crisis, poor encouragement from family and society, painful and chronic illnesses also leads to stressful situation.

Effects of stress leads to various physical and psychological changes in one’s life .The most important changes that occur in body due to stress are:

  1. Changes in Heart rate and blood circulation
  2. Respiratory system changes
  3.  Digestive changes

In addition, Headache, chest pain, back pain, joint pain etc. is the common areas effected by stress. In most of the people, Muscles contractions which lead to body pain are seen as result of stress. Stress acts as a triggering factor that adversely affects an individual’s sexual aspects of life. Undergoing through stressful events an individual’s Genitals and urinary system is also gets negatively affected. Sexual problems like premature ejaculation, poor erection of penis, low desire to have sex are also present.

 In the learning and memory aspects, Decreased attention, poor concentration and memory, inability in decision making, inappropriate problem solving are also reported by people under stress.

Types of stress

There are mainly three type of stress

         (1) conflicts

         (2) Frustrations

         (3)  pressures 

Coping skills

Developing a coping skill attitude will help to re solve this problem.

Look with in

The most important method to reduce stress is “look with in” or “introspection” it’s a method of assessing our own self and analyze our capabilities and limitations. Thinking and taking account of our strength and weaknesses. Identify the most important triggering factors or stimulating factor in our life. These all assessments help us to know what we are, what all are our strengths and weakness, what all the factors are holding back us from achievement. Through that we gain the ability to perceive our problems in different dimensions and possibilities to solve these problems without stress in addition, we attain a positive attitude towards our life.


Developing a positive and healthy relationship with others, avoiding the pattern of criticizing others and finding the positive side of others, appreciating other people for their good talents and capacities leads to fruitful relationship.

Role play

It is important to do our roles in life in a proper manner. Everybody have their own roles to play in their family , occupation and social life. When it is systematic it will function very well and fruitful outcomes are attained.


Proper planning, thinking, practical decision making can help to develop a disciplined life for an individual. . Managing financial matters systematically, anticipating and working for future goals and plans will leads towards a disciplined life.

Problem solving

Through proper thinking and planning about the problem can resolve majority of people’s problems. It is not much effective to follow the emotional pathway to deal with problems. Using of higher mental activities is able to view about a situation rationally and apply practical strategies for solving the problems.

Set attainable goals

Goals are the one which motivates people to move further towards future. Setting self-attainable goals can help an individual more focused and determined towards life. It is important to make realistic action plans which helps to achieve your goals . ‘SMART WORK’ is the best way to attain these goals.


 Acceptance is one of the qualities which reduce stress. Accepting one’s own strengths and weakness will reduce the negative perception of individual towards life. Share your frustrations or negative emotions with your family members or intimate people. While you share those negative feelings you can taste the feel of relief .Emotional ventilation helps you to feel better and comfortable.


Practice relaxation techniques and make them as a part of everyday routine to improve your mental health.

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