Marriage : Marital problems

‘’Men are from mars and women are from venus” This quote emphasize and reveals the fact that men and women are entirely different in all aspects. When two diverse people decides to make an interpersonal bond to live together with the social permission to fulfill their biological, social and psychological needs , there the concept of family forms. It is an intimate bond in which two people shares their love, affection, equalities, responsibilities etc. The major functions of a family is the husband and wife relationship, nurturing of offspring , Development of trust , love and commitment and relationships.

Stress Management

Stress has become one of the most common word used by the people nowadays. This term is even familiar among children. People use phrases like “I am under the stress”, “ I am stressed etc. in their daily life. This reveals the importance and the need of study about stress in this present scenario. There are lots of sources that influence stress .The most important one among is the negative experiences and events in life. Financial crisis, poor encouragement from family and society, painful and chronic illnesses also leads to stressful situation.

Scope of counseling

Counselling is an interactive process between the counselor and the client or counselee to help the clients’ needs .The major and important objective of the counselor and the client or counselee to help the client ‘ needs .The major and important objective of the counseling is to help individuals become self-sufficient and self-dependent . Three core factors are included in counseling.