Scope of counseling

Counselling is an interactive process between the counselor and the client or counselee to help the clients’ needs .The major and important objective of the counselor and the client or counselee to help the client ‘ needs .The major and important objective of the counseling is to help individuals become self-sufficient and self-dependent . Three core factors are included in counseling.

     1) Interaction between counselor and counselee

     2) Professional setting is relevant

    3) Problem solving or behavior modification.

In the present scenario, the relevance and the scope of counseling are inevitable. Each and every individual needs a positive and optimistic mind set. The major areas of counseling in

Life span Developmental

Life span development means the full process of human development from conception to death.

n this area, the counselor uses the holistic approach to understand various elements of life span . Here the counselor can work for helping the developmental problems including psychological , emotional , cognitive and social.

Cognitive modification

The most important area of counseling is thought modification . Through the contemporary perceptual approach, negative thoughts can be replaced by new positive and rational thoughts.

Behavior modification

In this area, Counselor can work on the part of behavioral modification. Re learning processes helps an individual to change his pattern of behavior. Reinforcement , de-sensitization and transfer of learning are the relevant examples

Marital discord, child and family crisis

Here the scope of counseling in the child counseling , pre marital counseling, Interpersonal relationship, adjustment problems, age related problems also. The major areas are family counseling , group counseling , client – centered counseling.

Career / Educational Counselling

Carrer counseling is the area of counseling where it ensures helping and act as a guidance for students who face conflits and confuesions in these areas. Here the counsellers deals with the educational ,and organizational problems. Here, any national and international companies makes posting of a counselor for the employees. The role of counselor is to counseling in offices and industries.

Challenges Counselling

This area mainly focused on disabilities , suicide-prone person’s sexual harassment . The life challengers counseling can help these type of people and develop great future or focus in their own life.

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